Claire Pettibone Good GAWD

These are so stupidly beautiful. I love that they are almost time pieces, and that even though one of them is velvet, it's not disgusting.

Chantal, from the 2008 collection

Clara, from the 2008 collection

Dahlia, from the 2007 collection

Kristene, from the 2006 collection (this one is My Favorite Ever)

By Claire Pettibone

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Jenny said...

Hey girl with the most stylish blog I stumbled upon while doing a search for Claire Pettibone Kristene dress! I bought that dress at the flagship store in LA and damn my wishful thinking its just a little too small to be reckoned with, so I've got it for sale here:

Not sure if you are already wed or to be wed but I thought I'd put it out there to a fellow Kristene fan with excellent taste :)