Etsy Love: Lena Studio

There is something that is sort of obscene, violent, and beautiful about this jewelry, and so, so compelling. Either way, I love it, and Ms. Lena Marie Echelle's studio "is powered by renewable energy, and the precious metals are all recycled, no new mining." That's something I can get behind!

Etsy Love: Catherine Chandler

I am overwhelmed by how beautiful and striking these delicate rings of Catherine Chandler's are. Regarding the following rings, she writes:

A few years ago, I did a collection of very sculptural rings (7) based on the Bathurst Copper Butterfly (Paralucia spinifera). An endangered species, it is one of the rarest butterflies in Australia, and endemic to the country. It can only be found in a very small area between Bathurst and Hartley, in New South Wales.

I created these rings as a way to pique interest in this endangered species by creating wearable sculptures that would spark conversation. This particular ring depicts the color of the Bathurst Copper Butterfly's wings.

Check out her Etsy shop here, and her website here.

Etsy Love: Amie Plante

I feel like I get really repetitive on here with my "Omigod!"s and "love this!", but seriously, OMIGOD, LOVE THIS.

This jewelry is overwhelmingly stunning. Lord! Check it out here.

Oh! Oh, Christina Oh!


Check out her other artwork here.

Etsy Love: Please Be Still

Any sort of life-affirming print does me good, since I am generally an anxiety-ridden basketcase. These prints from Please Be Still are especially wonderful.

Plus, check out these great prints from her "Modern Design Deck" series. We can't all have Eames chairs in our homes, but at least we could have these illustrations, eh?

Phillip Lim: Menssss

While I can't get on board with the sandals in these photos, I do love the clothing. Check out more Phillip Lim here.

Phillip Lim: Ladies

God, the silhouettes that this clothing makes are just incredible. These photos are from Phillip Lim's Fall collection.

Phillip Lim: Babies!

I'm pretty overwhelmed by how cute these clothes are and how much I want that kid to be my own. Oh lord.

Check out Phillip Lim's line here.

Etsy Love: Jewelry by TiKi

Oh, yes! These necklaces remind me of the huge clocks you can see from the inside of train stations. Lovely!

Check out Jewelry by TiKi here.

Oh, Scalia: Guns, Guns, Guns!!!!

In honor of the recent supreme court decision on gun-control laws, here is a post full of ironic gunthings.

These porcelain guns by Yvonne Lee Schultz are beautiful. Click that link for some more good gun art (including kids eating chocolate handguns, GOD).

The folks over at MollaSpace have some great, fun household products including this gun mug.

Raise your mug: here's to a country full of gun-totin' crazies, y'all!!!!


Vicente Villarin: Fall 2008

The VICENTE VILLARIN client is an independent woman who is sophisticated but edgy, classic yet modern. She is an individual motivated by life: loves to work, travel, enjoys dinner parties and events, and is active in her community.

VICENTE VILLARIN is graceful and stylish. The collection's signature lies in its timeless attributes, which are unaffected by fast-moving trends. VICENTE VILLARIN ensures quality through the combination of craftsmanship, materials, and finishing; maintaining excellence from one collection to the next.

Check out more here.


LovinSullivan Cakes

I especially love the last two--ever since I watched the forest episode of Planet Earth where you see the ferns unroll, I just adore ferns.

Check them all out here.