Story of Stuff

This is amazing. Annie Leonard has put together a dynamic presentation on the material goods culture that we live in. It's depressing to watch at first, but there is an action section with suggestions on how to change this story to have a happy(er) ending!

She suggests, for one, checking out the Cosmetics Database, something that I swear by. You'd be surprised what's inside your products!!


Botelet: Cornwall, Here I Come!

This farm/B&B looks AMAZING. I want to go to England, like right now, just to stay here.

NYTimes Slideshow: Home of J. Morgan Puett

This home looks so amazing--a mix of magic, Miss Haversham, and a great Parisian flea market.

"Ms. Puett sees the refrigerator as just as valid a territory for thoughtful arrangement as any other part of the house. 'It's a really fun game,' she said. 'It makes moving through the banalities of life stimulating.'"

Check out the whole slideshow here, and the accompanying article here.

T Magazine: Provence Profound

The New York Times Style Magazine has a beautiful piece on France (yeah yeah yeah, who doesn't have grand plans of living in France, anyway?).

Check it out here

Another GOOD Thing

A few months ago, I saw that the Cooper-Hewitt design museum had an exhibit called "Design for the Other 90%", featuring among other things, the LifeStraw:

Inspired? Donate a LifeStraw here.

America: Love it or FIX IT

The folks over at GOOD Magazine have a great video series on the presidential primary candidates to accompany their "Love it or fix it" campaign. [Disclaimer: not sure how I feel about the candidates' representation in the videos, but they're neat things nonetheless.]

Check out the videos here.

New York Times Slideshow: What's a Girl to Wear?

The New York Times Fashion section featured a great slide show on children's fashion. Check the whole thing out here.



OMG yums. Not only are the cookies beautiful and delicious, the irons are nice to look at too.

Check out a recipe for pizzelles at Big City, Little Kitchen.


Check out these awesome figurines (note: when I was little I collected porcelain figurines, doh!) from Lladro representing different stages of love:


Claire Pettibone Good GAWD

These are so stupidly beautiful. I love that they are almost time pieces, and that even though one of them is velvet, it's not disgusting.

Chantal, from the 2008 collection

Clara, from the 2008 collection

Dahlia, from the 2007 collection

Kristene, from the 2006 collection (this one is My Favorite Ever)

By Claire Pettibone


Social commentary prints from Threadless

Ok ok ok, so I know I just said I drive 80-90 minutes every day, and here I am posting ironic little things about oil use and global warming, but these prints from Threadless are just great.

By Viktor Hachmang

By Ross Zietz

By Jérémie ROYER

Peter Callesen

Design Glut

I am a bicycle-loving, garden-growing, LED-lit liberal, and I have a confession to make: I drive for 40-45 minutes to work every morning, and 40-45 minutes home every evening. Aside from filling up my gas tank much more often than I did before I had this job, I am also very aware of gas because I pass so many gas stations on the way to/from work and see the price of gas change every day (and by "change" what I really mean is "laugh and laugh and laugh at me, at ever-increasing decibels).

So, I think this is neat.
"The Crude Jewelry collection is manufactured in monthly batches. Each piece is engraved with the date it was made and the price of a barrel of oil on that day."
"Crude Necklace is satirical bling. "

"Crude Ring redefines luxury by placing a miniature oil barrel into a prong setting, rather than a traditional diamond. "

From Design Glut.

Mark Jenkins

I am loving Mark Jenkins' street installations (particularly the first and last in this post)


Blog: Desire to Inspire

I don't know what to do with myself after looking at the first page of Desire to Inspire. Holyyyyyy....! Amazing.