Design Glut

I am a bicycle-loving, garden-growing, LED-lit liberal, and I have a confession to make: I drive for 40-45 minutes to work every morning, and 40-45 minutes home every evening. Aside from filling up my gas tank much more often than I did before I had this job, I am also very aware of gas because I pass so many gas stations on the way to/from work and see the price of gas change every day (and by "change" what I really mean is "laugh and laugh and laugh at me, at ever-increasing decibels).

So, I think this is neat.
"The Crude Jewelry collection is manufactured in monthly batches. Each piece is engraved with the date it was made and the price of a barrel of oil on that day."
"Crude Necklace is satirical bling. "

"Crude Ring redefines luxury by placing a miniature oil barrel into a prong setting, rather than a traditional diamond. "

From Design Glut.

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