Railway Carriage-Turned-Getaway

I had a 6-month stint in New York, during which I rode the train 1h15 both ways between my job and my apartment. When I told folks what my commute was, most--if not all--gave me a pitying look as if to say, "Oh, you poor, poor thing. You couldn't find anything closer to your job?" The fact of the matter is, I loved my commute. From mid-Brooklyn through Manhattan and on up to the Bronx, I got to spend one whole hour on the train reading or listening to music or people-watching (or, let's face it, sleeping), and I loved it.

When I was in India, even among little teeny roaches and giant moths (think mice with wings), some of the best nights of sleep I got were on the overnight trains. There are few things that are as comforting to me as a moving train.

So, imagine my pleasure to have stumbled upon this little gem:

Just one of the many beautiful options over at Light Locations.

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mamie said...

Now there's an idea. Instead of a retreat center, we have the retreat train. I like it, Nonnie, I like it!