Rose and Radish: Serveware

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"Objects of use often become intimately precious and indispensable to us, as it happens sometimes to a piece of jewelry that we wear day in, day out." Gesine Hackenberg

A fascination with traditionally designed, functional objects and their contact with the human body is the source of Gesine's inspiration for much of her body of work.

These spoons, hand cut from a vintage teacup, immediately become intimate objects with their nostalgic patterns and delicate shape. They remind us of our own personal treasures, and become jewelry for our everyday lives.

Working in porcelain, this designer has taken a genuinely inventive approach to traditional teatime accessories. With experimental forms and avant-garde design, these progressive and playful pieces are sure to inspire an afternoon of tea and delectable goodies. As the designer herself describes, "My products become characters, like individual things that seem to live their own life. They have their own identity and personality. Sometimes they seem to come from a fairytale-world. Products making us feel like being in a different world."

For more than 250 years the Porzellan Manufackur Nymphenburg has held its prestigious position as of one of the worlds finest producers of porcelain. Dominikus Auliczek served as Modellmeiser at the Porzellan Manufackur Nymphenburg from 1763 through 1797 and was well-known for his animal and hunt scenes. He is also credited for bringing neo-classical style to the company. The “Pearl Symphony” tea service is an exceptional example of his neo-classical influence. The 12-sided form of Auliczek's "Pearl" service marks the first time in the history of European porcelain where a departure was made from the traditional round shape.

The craft that goes into Nymphenburg's products is unparalled. Extensive color, design and blocking research was conducted before these plates were put into production. Jongerius went through the vast archives of Nymphenburg's catalog to choose elements of Nymphenburg's classic designs for these aptly named, beautifully crafted plates.

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