Oh, um, duh: the ter Horst-Lefler wedding

Oh wow, so in April I attended the wedding of two very wonderful people, [Martha] [Saw]Telle ter Horst and Rex Lefler. Telle is a woman with incredible style, and so, of course, their wedding was incredible down to the bouquet. Anyway, she designed and sewed her dress. Also, she has an incredible tattoo of a vintage Singer on her arm. Here are some photos from the wedding:

And, to top it all off, Mrs. Lefler makes some very wonderful consumables so that you and I can try, if we dare, to emulate her wonderful style. She's got jewelry here and clothing here.

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.tellelefler. said...

thanks for the love miss p!
you should check out my favorites on my farewell etsy, half the etsyians you feature on your blog i have hearted, we must have similar (and amazing) taste, ha!