How I Spent My Stimulus

This website is so great. The best part of it is the "weird" section, with such gems as the following:

"I bought this harry potter garb as you guys can tell. Then my boyfriend Ryan told me that it wasn't nice that I was selfish with my purchase and told me to buy paint for our apartment with that money...i then did and now i have bought tover $400 worth of paint because my man Ryan changes his thoughts on colors daily...gosh men...haha...i do love my man HP!!!"

"I bought sex toys, liquor, drugs and glow sticks cause I figured if the government was going to give me money to stimulate the economy I should stimulate my mind as well! Thanks for the effort"

"I used my $600 to bail myself out of prison, along with $6900 more."

"Bought some transformers, but just a few. I already had most of em."

About half of the jerks on there spent their money on their dogs/a new dog/surgery for their dog/a new fence for their dog/a bigger back yard for their dog. Oy!

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