Shoes. Shoes. Omigod, shoes.

Rather than talk about omigod how much I like love shoes, I will just show some of my favorite ones right now. And as I started collecting photos of said wonderful shoes, I realized that I need to post about each designer separately. Because they're just that beautiful and unique. Oy.

Starting with: Frye

So everyone is familiar with Frye boots whether they realize it or not. One of my sisters collects Frye boots like a child collects seashells, but I have to say that there are worse things she could do.

Right now I am loving these:

because they are so borderline dorky that they're cute, and these:

for reasons that I don't really feel like I have to go into. I mean hello, are you seeing these sweet shoes!?

Read about how awesome and quality Frye shoes are here.

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